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Pro Blogging Package Deal

Metro Pro Blogging Package

Metro's Pro Blogging Package will suit those of you who need to quickly deploy a CMS (Content Management System) driven website for blogging, self-promotion, or as a cost-effective business website.

There are loads of optional extras providing plenty of scope for website customisation depending on your particular needs.

Please call or email us for pricing details or to get a free quote. See Features Table below for info on Optional Extras.
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Pro Blogging Package

Optional Extras

Package includes: Available add-ons include:
Wordpress or Joomla! CMS Driven Website Commercial Theme or Template of your Choice
1 Theme or Template Install & Setup Theme or Template Customisation
Website Navigation Menu Typography
2 Homepage Setup Showcased Content Areas
Basic Website Branding (Logo in Banner) Website Search Functionality
3 10 Menu Items (Based on Sitemap) Image Galleries
4 Contact Form with Anti-Spam Custom Widgets & Plugins
Google Analytics setup & Google site verification 5 Responsive version of Website
Website Install on Host Server Social Networking Integration
  • 1 Does not include the cost of a Commercial Theme or Template, if one is used at Client's request.
  • 2 Metro will setup a maximum of 2 content articles and 3 Widgets or Modules for display on the Homepage.
  • 3 Metro will not provide text and/or images for content associated with these menu items. Metro will enter content and apply typography to a maximum of 2 content articles as part of the Pro Blogging Package. The remaining 8 menu items will contain placeholder text only. Styling and/or entering extra content will incur additional cost.
  • 4 Metro will setup a maximum of 1 Form as part of the Pro Blogging Package. Extra Forms will incur additional cost.
  • 5 Responsive support only available with compatible base themes or templates.

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