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Content Management System

A CMS can make life much easier!

Managing website content can be a daunting proposition. Metro Web Design specialises in the design and implementation of dynamic websites built around powerful content management systems (CMS).

Using a good CMS will make your life so much easier!

So why are CMS driven sites so much better than static HTML based websites?

Metro Web Design can help you create and implement a CMS powered website.

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The Problem with Old Fashioned Websites...

  • Once an old fashioned, static website grows beyond 5 pages in size it can rapidly become a logistical nightmare to update.
  • Furthermore - a knowledge of HTML and CSS is required to administer a static HTML website - meaning most people will be forced to call in a web designer (costing additional money) whenever they need to change something.
  • And perhaps most importantly - it's nigh on impossible to implement useful functionality like user registration, restricted members' areas, eCommerce and community forums in old fashioned, static HTML sites.

Advantages of a CMS

1 Easy to Use - A content management system addresses all of these issues by incorporating an intuitive, user-friendly interface which anyone can use.

2 Manage Huge Sites - With a CMS it’s possible to administer and update huge websites consisting of thousands of pages with relative ease!

3 Advanced Functionality - CMS driven websites lend themselves extremely well to enhanced features and functionality like eCommerce, community forums, restricted members' areas to name but a few.

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