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Blog Design

A blog can be a powerful communication tool!

Blogs allow you to reach out and connect with a vast potential audience.

Blogging can be exciting, fun, empowering and highly profitable!

Metro Web Design specialises in the creation and implementation of custom blogs on three major blogging platforms: Joomla!, WordPress and Blogger.

So if you want a blog which seamlessly blends in with your existing website we can help.

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Why should you blog?

  • Blogs represent a great way for individuals or businesses to either self-promote or interact with clients, customers and potential employees.
  • A blog allows you to emphasise any product or aspect of your business (or personal skills) quickly, regularly and with a minimum of fuss.
  • Your blog's RSS feeds will increase your website's visibility on the Net while providing readers with a way to subscribe to your blog content with just one mouse-click.
  • Regular blog entries will boost your website's organic SEO.
  • Monetized blogs can be highly profitable!

Joomla! Blog

Joomla! is an incredibly flexible, fully fledged CMS with amazing blogging capabilities! Extensions like Ninja RSS Syndicator and JComments put Joomla! blogs on par with Wordpress powered offerings. And with a website powered by Joomla! you can feel confident that your website will have the capacity to expand and diversify as your audience grows.

WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular blogging platforms and for good reason. A very robust and user-friendly backend, along with loads of available widgets (which add functionality to your blog) make it an attractive package for the aspiring blogger.

Blogger Blog

In case you don’t know – Blogger is Google’s hugely popular blogging service where people can create their own blogs and have them hosted on Google’s servers.

Blogger is currently free to use and if you settle for one of the generic templates it’s fairly easy to get a blog up and running in 5 minutes.

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