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Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to Metro Blog!

It’s been a long road to get to this point.

I first tried my hand at web design back in 1995, before the advent of HTML editors like "Hotdog," and "Dreamweaver." In those days you needed to hand code everything in a text editor.

However it's really only the past 5 years or so that the web has started to realise its full potential.

Today it's possible for a small to medium business to get a powerful database-driven dynamic website up and running with eCommerce and just about every other bell and whistle for a modest capital outlay.

Not too long ago this was pie in the sky stuff and using a commercial CMS would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Add to this the explosion in popularity of blogging and you have a very exciting mix, perhaps a watershed moment in human history!

With open source Content Management Systems like Joomla! and Wordpress the possibilities are limitless - Want to start your own online magazine, you can - Want to sell boutique wine online, you can - Want to build a vibrant online community, you can.

Anything is possible!

I'm going to use this blog as a vehicle to focus on Joomla! Extensions, Wordpress Plugins, security issues and down the track, on some of the success stories of our clients.

It's an exciting time and I look forward to meeting the challenges that face any new business and perhaps sharing any insights I have here.

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